Tropes Vs Autism: The Superpower

Someone, somewhere, latched on to the concept that Autistic people are super-good at some things and someone else’s speculation that Autism may be a step up on the so-called evolutionary ladder.


Tropes I Despise: Innocent White Criminal

Due to circumstances beyond Our Hero’s control, he has to enter a life of crime to make ends meet. He suffers. He fights. He becomes a monster.

Was I talking about Walter White from Breaking Bad or whosisface generico Everyman from Ozark?

Courage, Where Art Thy Sticking Place?

I can do this. I can be brave. I can set my fiction bread out on the internet waters and pray it comes back tenfold. I can do this nine times. Because that’s the length of my final short list. I can run the risk of rejection and hope for the reward of acceptance. I…… Continue reading Courage, Where Art Thy Sticking Place?

Think of the children

I want you to imagine a country where the following situation could happen. A little girl of eleven goes to her family’s place of worship. While she’s there, she is repeatedly raped by a fellow member of twenty years of age. This little girl conceives and, instead of pursuing justice against her rapist, the family…… Continue reading Think of the children