Why Be Gatekeeping?

Once upon a time, Science Fiction was poo-pooed as “that Buck Rogers stuff”, Star Trek was a silly television show that only housewives watched, comic books were “kids’ stuff”, the Beatles were a stupid boy band for teens, and anything animated was for school children.


Tropes I Despise: Generic Blonde Wife

You almost don’t notice this one, and that’s why it’s so insidious. Once I started taking notice of it, I noticed how prevalent it was.

Courage, Where Art Thy Sticking Place?

I can do this. I can be brave. I can set my fiction bread out on the internet waters and pray it comes back tenfold. I can do this nine times. Because that’s the length of my final short list. I can run the risk of rejection and hope for the reward of acceptance. I…… Continue reading Courage, Where Art Thy Sticking Place?