Distracted, Disorganised, Distressed

It’s half-past September and the good news so far is the lack of a rejection from Eighth House.


Publisher Hunt: The Longer Short List

First off: I found another list of publishing houses that don’t care if you have an agent. And I immediately weeded out all of the ones who wouldn’t touch my material with a 40′ barge pole.

The bad news out of this is that it raises the short list to a count of eight.

Courage, Where Art Thy Sticking Place?

I can do this. I can be brave. I can set my fiction bread out on the internet waters and pray it comes back tenfold. I can do this nine times. Because that’s the length of my final short list. I can run the risk of rejection and hope for the reward of acceptance. I…… Continue reading Courage, Where Art Thy Sticking Place?

A Day Late…

Not a dollar short, though, because I get paid today. The reason why I didn’t write this is simple and complicated at the same time: Shitty Internet. When the internet is shitty, I disperse into other activities whilst I wait for That One Gorram Page To Load. In this case, it was attempting to post…… Continue reading A Day Late…