Murder Dollhouse

He’s a cocksure up-and-coming detective who’s been sent to a specific department to find out what has THAT area’s cold-case squad solving old crimes at a higher rate than anyone else.

She’s a POC on the ASD spectrum who builds incredibly detailed models of ancient crime scenes that no longer exist in the real world. [See the works of Francis Glessner Lee to know what I’m talking about]

They fight crime.


Repairs in progress?

I asked my Beloved how the site fixing is going and they said it could well be done today! Spoiler alert – if it isn’t, tomorrow’s blog is going to be dipped in lava-hot snark. If it is… this may be the last entry you get for weeks on end. If that happens to be the…… Continue reading Repairs in progress?


I think there’s a reason why one of the cities in Hell is called Dis. It starts so many unpleasantnesses. Dispute, disarray, disability… and disorganised. [And let me make it clear here and now that having a disability is made extra unpleasant by all the abled people running around who repeatedly fail to understand] Way back…… Continue reading (Dis)Organised