Around and Around I Go

You can guess by my picture up there that I haven’t invested much time in Murder Dollhouse. And that’s okay, because people need to recharge every now and again. But I won’t leave this blog empty for a fortnight. So I’m going to trawl through my history of writing stories. To whit – the editors I’ve been…… Continue reading Around and Around I Go

The Antagonistic Protagonist

I’m not talking about your average anti-hero here. I’m talking about the piece of shit, the walking garbage fire, the absolute train wreck who is somehow the main character or a main character of the thing you happen to be enjoying. There’s obviously some differences between the Anti-hero and the Ant-Prot [that’s the abbreviation I’m going…… Continue reading The Antagonistic Protagonist

Self Care and the Indie Artist’s Regime

TL;DR- I spent the entire weekend looking after myself and not producing content. Are you mad at me? I was sick. I managed to pick up whatever vile Lurgi seems to be doing the circuit these days, and it’s been my best friend and worst enemy for an entire flakkin’ week. So I did what…… Continue reading Self Care and the Indie Artist’s Regime

Location, Location, Location

The most important part of any work of fiction is where the whole mess takes place. New York. Detroit. Hogwarts. An island somewhere in the Indian Ocean. A TARDIS. A space station that ‘just grew’. From the mundane to the fantastic, the location where the story takes place more or less dictates the story. I…… Continue reading Location, Location, Location