Bury Your Black Gays… Again and Again [Spoiler Warning]

It’s confirmed. Steven Moffat really likes killing black gays. And he likes it so much that he’s contrived a method of killing the same black gay over and over and over again.


Half a Wit to Spare

I have possibly the world’s worst timing. Just seconds after deciding to run a Wordpress and a Patreon, as well as all my other blogs… I also committed to some regular activity that has me busy off of my arse two days out of the week.

How do I social?

I’m a writer. I’m a natural recluse. I would much rather be hiding in my little safety zone and I don’t like sharing too much of my life and personal details. Plus… I’m a fogey. I’m not used to having my phone out and tweeting about things. I don’t like to brag. Unlike a certain…… Continue reading How do I social?

The Writer Zone

All writers have one. It’s the place they go to strictly in their head, where reality doesn’t matter and we can play with all our toys at once. So to speak. I call mine “another dimension”. Author, John Green, calls his “Cheyenne, Wyoming” and like all writers inside their personal imagination-land, tends to miss out…… Continue reading The Writer Zone