Fifty Ways to Help an Artist

The starving artist is a cliche for a reason. These days, you’ve got to be either pretty firkin good or pretty firkin popular for the Hollywood Xerox Machine to take a risk on your stuff.


A Day Late…

Not a dollar short, though, because I get paid today. The reason why I didn’t write this is simple and complicated at the same time: Shitty Internet. When the internet is shitty, I disperse into other activities whilst I wait for That One Gorram Page To Load. In this case, it was attempting to post…… Continue reading A Day Late…

Around and Around I Go

You can guess by my picture up there that I haven’t invested much time in Murder Dollhouse. And that’s okay, because people need to recharge every now and again. But I won’t leave this blog empty for a fortnight. So I’m going to trawl through my history of writing stories. To whit – the editors I’ve been…… Continue reading Around and Around I Go

The Antagonistic Protagonist

I’m not talking about your average anti-hero here. I’m talking about the piece of shit, the walking garbage fire, the absolute train wreck who is somehow the main character or a main character of the thing you happen to be enjoying. There’s obviously some differences between the Anti-hero and the Ant-Prot [that’s the abbreviation I’m going…… Continue reading The Antagonistic Protagonist