Culture, Scenery, and Little Details

History left its mark on place names. Victoria. Van Demons Land, then Tasmania. Queensland. New South Wales.


Location, Location, Location

The most important part of any work of fiction is where the whole mess takes place. New York. Detroit. Hogwarts. An island somewhere in the Indian Ocean. A TARDIS. A space station that ‘just grew’. From the mundane to the fantastic, the location where the story takes place more or less dictates the story. I…… Continue reading Location, Location, Location

I Have a Hero

Now, the thing with my book is, the character I care about the most probably won’t get any POV until at least a third of the way into the book, when they hybrid (pro/an)tagonist finally reaches a state of empathy with her, because that’s what the book’s actually about.

Yes, folks, I’m playing the long game with a book about empathy with autistic people. And it’s framed as a murder mystery. Go me.

Murder Dollhouse

He’s a cocksure up-and-coming detective who’s been sent to a specific department to find out what has THAT area’s cold-case squad solving old crimes at a higher rate than anyone else.

She’s a POC on the ASD spectrum who builds incredibly detailed models of ancient crime scenes that no longer exist in the real world. [See the works of Francis Glessner Lee to know what I’m talking about]

They fight crime.

Repairs in progress?

I asked my Beloved how the site fixing is going and they said it could well be done today! Spoiler alert – if it isn’t, tomorrow’s blog is going to be dipped in lava-hot snark. If it is… this may be the last entry you get for weeks on end. If that happens to be the…… Continue reading Repairs in progress?