The Romance of a Thousand Couples: The Romcom Journey

Let’s get my credentials established. I am not a movie critic. I have not done film studies at all. I have no background in any of this at all. My only means of qualification is that I am really, really, really sick and tired of the Generic Romcom Formula.


Racists Get Evolution Wrong: Darwin Needed Better Editors

Everything that Racists use to justify their superiority is wrong. We know this. Nothing amongst it is more wrong than the phrase “survival of the fittest.”

Autism and Me, Part Two: Coping Strategies Good, Bad, and Atrocious

I was a child for the era in which measles could kill a kid. Hell, I had schoolmates who thought I had died, the year I caught all the spots. They were greatly disappointed that I was still alive, but that’s not the point of this particular diatribe.