Amalgam Universe: Rights and Responsibilities

This is an essential part of my world building for my pet universe. The Alliance takes into account a wide variety of cogniscent species, and must look after them or face conflict. So, to be sure everyone is pointed roughly in an amenable direction, every right comes with a corollary responsibility. These are pretty much drilled into any Galactic Alliance Citizens practically from birth. So much so that many sail through their lives and follow them automatically.

So, working from most basic to most complicated, I shall do my best to codify them here. Considering that I’m a bit scatterbrained, I will either leave something out or forget things. So bless this post and call the document of rights and responsibilities a “living document” until I pass from this Earth or pass it on to a different caretaker.

Basic and Essential Rights

The Right to Breathe Clean Air. Comes with The Responsibility to Maintain Air Cleanliness. Consider an enclosed environment with several people sharing it and one of them is a smoker/vaper. The person indulging in personal lung pollutants may have every right to pollute their own lungs [and I am certain many smokers are vehemently defending that right in the comments section] but there are other people sharing that air. So a responsible user of such substances would excuse themselves to a private booth where their exhalations are thoroughly scrubbed before rejoining the rest of the air system.

[AN: I really wish this happened in real life, but some people just like being a cloud I guess]

The Right to Unpolluted Ingestible or Bathing Fluids. Comes with The Responsibility to Keep Pollutants Out of Ingestible or Bathing Fluids. If you are, again, in a closed system and everyone is using the same or similar fluids to drink or bathe, then you don’t want to have some arsehole pouring toxins into the system, right? So you don’t be that arsehole. Naturally, using the bodily waste disposal facilities automatically purges any toxins from the recycling system. If it breaks, call or be someone to fix it.

[AN: Planets are also closed systems, as microplastics evidence will provide in abundance]

The Right to Proper and Adequate Nutrition. Comes with The Responsibility of Maintaining Your Personal Nutrition Needs to the Best of Your Ability. Yes, you are an adult and can eat sweets whenever you want. But you also know that’s bad for you and you know you have to eat your broccoli.

The Right to Sufficient Shelter. Comes with The Responsibility of Maintaining Your Shelter. It’s your home, you look after it. On space stations and ships, basic accommodations include: One public space, one private space, and one garden space that doubles as the air recycling system. If you can’t, or are unable to maintain it yourself, help can be obtained with relative ease.

The Right to Proper Medical Care. Comes with The Responsibility to Seek Medical Care When Necessary. No faking it and muttering, “I’m okay,” behind a pained grin. If you have a problem, articulate it. The Medics would rather spend an ounce of prevention rather than a pound of cure. And in my universe, this is subsidised so all medical care is close to free. The Mediks of Amalgam Universe have a lot of trouble with Humans over this particular aspect of their Rights and Responsibilities.

On the other hand, if you personally or neglectfully cause harm to others, then you are fined the exact price of all the medical intervention necessary to restore your victims to health.

The More Complicated Ones

The Right to Meaningful Employ. Comes with The Responsibility of Your Employer to Provide Meaningful Employ. Since my Universe comes with Universal Basic Income, there’s a freedom for everyone who participates to find the occupation that suits them. Jobs that demand employees offer more perks, and there is no such thing as under-appreciated work.

There is, on the other hand, work that accepts a more transient population. What we would call “low skilled work”. Things that can use machines to replace the cogniscent touch, but will easily shut down those machines to keep a person in food money for the day.

The Right to Entertainment. Comes with The Responsibility of Ensuring Such Entertainment Harms No Other. Like sure, you may enjoy shota tentacle lolicon, but you don’t watch it on the firkin bus. Reading gory manga in the public cafe is a no-no. That sort of thing. If you like loud music, you either soundproof your residence for your neighbours’ sakes, or use headphones.

The Right to Learn. Comes with The Responsibility to Share Information. The good news is that this is also subsidised. Your information could plausibly gather you Minutes if useful, Seconds if not. And there are some people who make their living by their knowhow. Access to the Infonets is free. Using some of that knowledge might cost you. Especially if you find that information useful.

Which, of course, comes to taxes. Citizens of the Alliance help the Alliance by donating their Time[which is also money] to the smooth running of the Alliance. They either do this by sweat equity, putting their hands and bodies to the communal good, or out of pocket. The more you have, the more you are expected to give.

This irritates people who are stupidly wealthy.

That’s all I can think of for now. Some of the easier and most basic of rights. I shall attempt to think of more when I can brain easier.

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