Transed Your Phobia

Some new rules have dropped that only seem innocent and I am about to go off about them. If you don’t like discussions about LGBTIPAQ+ rights, rants about stupid laws, and the current state of rights and responsibilities, this entry is not for you. Similarly, discussions about what this nerd would do if someone was silly enough to let me run the world. I might go there. We shall see.

The dumb rule: Transgender people are not allowed to participate in competitive sports unless they have undergone “a full transition” before the age of twelve. This is heinous if you are at all aware of transgender stuff in the slightest. Starting with:

What the hell even IS “full transition” anyway?

According to the transphobes, a “full” transition includes The Operation, otherwise known as gender reassignment surgery. This, for an age of human where such surgery is considered unacceptable. Asterisk, but only if the kid is not intersex. Then it’s perfectly acceptable to rearrange a kid’s genetalia so that they “don’t feel uncomfortable in changing rooms.”

Gentle reminder that, in the cases of surgically-installed vaginas, it is necessary to keep inserting a device to maintain the depth. Else it gets re-absorbed or otherwise collapses.

For children, that means what boils down to medically-approved rape.

Before the kid in question is even fully aware of their sexuality, it becomes vitally important for a doctor to make certain that there is accommodation for heterosexual sex. At least for trans boys, there’s the option to have implants to make erections possible.

Pretty sure that most people learning about this will recognise that this is a fucking terrible ruling. Then there’s the matter of…

Red tape!

Another part of the “full transition” involves either hormones or puberty blockers. Usually, for the age of twelve, a young trans person is better off with puberty blockers until they can reach an age where other interventions are medically more sound.

Puberty blockers have been found to be universally beneficial towards a young trans person’s psyche and allow them to make informed decisions about the rest of their transitions. When they’re good and ready for such. There’s just one teensy weensy problem…

Puberty blockers and hormone therapies have been all but banned because Wowzers have declared them tantamount to child abuse.

A young trans person, and their parents, have to pass a phenomenal amount of legal bullshit in order to get their kid on puberty blockers or hormone therapy. Up to and including NIMBYs reporting the parents for the aforementioned child abuse.

According to some of these people, even allowing a child to dress in the clothes they want is child abuse.

And the third factor:


There’s a whole bunch of trans people who don’t know the truth about their nature before twelve. In fact, it’s incredibly rare to recognise oneself as Transgender from the awareness of what genders are. Most people don’t realise that their brains/souls don’t match their bodies until after they’ve become physically mature.

For those of you not inclined to do the digging, the average age is somewhere between thirty-three and forty-five.

Can you see how this ruling is unfair yet? Just in case you don’t, there’s this:

The Facts About Transitioning

  1. Body shape can’t be helped. This one is also one that counts against cis athletes who aren’t “feminine enough” to sate the transphobes. Be it wide hips or long limbs, none of us can help how we’re made.
  2. Muscle mass has to be maintained. If you are an athlete, you have to practice those athletics. Once a trans person starts hormone therapy, the differences in muscle mass between their birth gender and transition gender become nonexistent within two years.
  3. Hormones are forbidden in peak contests. As you might guess, this is another hurdle for trans athletes to compete at all.
  4. The study they keep pointing to is misquoted. There is a scientific paper looking into Trans people. But they were studying people who transitioned before puberty versus the ones who transitioned after. No mentions of sporting advantage whatsoever. No looking into the differences between trans people and cis ones. Just about the differences in trans people.

There’s one more nugget of truth about this particular competition-related ruling.

They’re only doing this because they couldn’t make it about genitals being seen in locker rooms.

Trans athletes, especially the one lady who is central in this “controversy”, have been very careful about not waving their junk at other people.

The one lady who everyone’s clutching their pearls about wasn’t even that spectacular. She competed once against a group of cis women who were relatively atrocious and now she can’t win a damn thing. Not even the debate about whether she’s allowed to play at all.

Never mind that she has performed within her consistent average the entire time. Never mind that there’s no actual backup for their talking points. Never mind that everyone objecting is leaning straight into every single TERF talking point in existence.

They lost the locker room debate, so they switched to whatever else they could grab. In this case, an entirely imaginary “unfair advantage”. And thereby effectively banning trans people from participating at all.

You won. Grats. Trans people won’t be seen on the sporting arena.

Then again, neither will a lot of cis girls.

Because the instant a woman wins something, the TERFs are debating whether she’s a “real” woman or not.

Why do people have to support daft decisions like this?

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