Knomira: Let’s Not Call Them Karen

So I can’t remember if I covered this or not, and I am therefore doing it again. Actually looking into my back-blog takes time and effort I would rather spend on other activities. Activities like: writing fun fic, building the next module of encounter maps for my murder hobos, or maybe even playing games with the fam. Or catching up on shows I like. Stuff like that. I am still a human being with wants and needs. And laziness to some degree. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the name “Karen” as a slur. It’s a specifically sexist slur, encompassing all those women who’ve skated out of consequences by either crying or kicking up an enormous public stink to the point where the people in charge will do literally anything to get rid of them.

These are people without common decency, simple empathy, or a single mote of patience.

But they are also male. Admittedly, the male side of these “specimens” are more likely to issue threats and get violent rather than scream until they get a lollipop, but they get glossed over because “Karen” is the term. Could be the sexism grinding women down for behaviour that men get to skate by on. Could be the vocal minority effect. Could be both.

Anyway, I do propose a gender neutral alternative that includes all of them:


Pronounced: know mih rah.

Origin: From the oft-repeated catch-cry of these individuals: “I know my rights!” Said so often that it blends into one roughly coherent sound until it becomes, “I knomira!”

They are known for knowing rights that don’t exist, being white enough to stand up to cops without ever getting shot, and causing trouble for literally everyone around them.

They are also known as: Antivaxxers, conspiracy theorists, racists, right-wingers, red-caps, and ARSEHOLES.

They are without a doubt, the most self-serving, self-centred, selfish group of people with zero filters because they’ve also invented the right to say whatever bullshit happens to plop out of their mouth at the time.

These are the people who have pinned yellow stars to their clothing because restaurants won’t let them inside to dine.

These are the people who think that opinions contrary to their own is treason.

These are the people who would rather kill thousands by being an infectious vector than act in the interest of others.

These are the people who insist that disabled people, queer people, and people of colour just die from circumstances they have engineered, rather than giving what they can to help anyone they don’t know.

These are the people who ascribe laziness to people with four jobs and little in the way of sleep, all because they only have the time for fast food.

I, for one, am sick of them.

They know their rights. They claim religious exemption. In my humble opinion, they should defend their stance against a trained law board and religious scholars. On a public stream. So they can be mocked for looking as stupid as they are.

Maybe by the time it’s over, they will actually know their rights. They have a lot less than they think they do.

So. Next time you’re tempted to call someone a “Karen” or even a “Male Karen”, please consider using “Knomira” instead.

It’ll do all the nice people actually named Karen a great favour.

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