Anti-Science is Killing Itself (and the people who believe in it)

I will be the first to admit to being a tree-hugging, earth-loving, melting-pot style hippie. I grew up reading my parents’ copies of Mother Earth News and learning how looking after the Earth is important. Spoilers: we live there, dummins. Mind you, back when I was getting my hippie education, the big threat was nuclear war. I also grew up on Science Fiction back when it was very niche indeed, so I know that solutions to most problems exist. There’s only a couple of problems we can’t solve:

World Leader Inertia, and the Anti-Science Cult.

Both of these are due to one cause: Corporate Abuse.

The economy rules us all, these days. It seems like an unbreakable system but then… so did the feudal rule of Kings.

Anyway. Corporations exist to make profit. There are no other morals beyond that. Make money, and sell that as a good thing. So it doesn’t matter if they’re filling the atmosphere with lead, the drinking water with dioxins, or the graveyards with the dead. So long as they’re making money, all is good and the precious shareholders are rich enough to avoid the consequences until it’s too late.

You can tell I’m cynical about this.

Corporations also have the kind of money that influences politicians. Which means that the world leaders who should be listening to the greater public are listening instead to one or more CEO’s with the cash to set that leader up so they can avoid consequences with the rest of the shareholders.

Corporations can also flood the scientific journals with “studies” that confuse true science with cherry-picked data and they’ve been doing it for years. Big Tobacco began it all with funded studies to “prove” that smoking could actually be good for you, honest. Especially since they could also pay the news to repeat the claims of their paid science and therefore muddy the waters. They tried and eventually failed to prove that there was no real harm in cigarettes, but that failure was a long time in coming.

But they did do one thing – they sowed the seeds for the Anti-Science Cult.

Thereafter, no matter what kind of profit motive was driving them, corporations could publish pseudoscience that disagreed with what everyone knew. They filled all possible venues with unverified scientific-looking papers, and paid for the news to get around about whatever they wanted. They could push any agenda at all.

Including anti-vaccination, because selling snake oil to parents of Autistes is HELLISHLY profitable.

Hardly anyone ever tells antivax parents that Andrew Wakefield supported the Autism hysteria because he wanted to sell a measles vaccine. Now that his medical license has been revoked, the only way he can make money is by repeating the things all the antivaxxers keep saying about things. Regardless of its medical benefit.

That’s just a small, small faction of the entire cult, though. Even though it was the beginning of it.

Corporations want to sell snake oil medicine. Things that prolong the endurance of the patient rather than cure the problem. Things that don’t truly work. Things that have to be recalled because the corporations pushed them through all the safeguards against dangerous medications.

Once you have that atmosphere, it’s only natural for people to start distrusting modern medicine.

Stir well with the fact that essential medicines like insulin are getting so overpriced that people have to take out loans just to live for another month… and you get an immense distrust of science.

Corporations don’t give a shit. They’ll sell anyone whatever they believe will work. Profit, profit, profit.

BUT you also get dangerous shit going on. Like… the reaction to the plague.

You know the plague. Covid-19. The disease that’s killed five million people all over the world?

If there had been a world leader more concerned with their people than their image, we wouldn’t have this bullshit happening now. We wouldn’t have a salesman convincing people that: fish tank cleaner is a cure, horse dewormer is a cure, or that the disease wasn’t that big of a deal in the first place. And even more dangerous – that the medically-advised masks are a load of horseshit.

All the better to sell horse dewormer, right? It’s an excellent strategy. Let people get sick and desperate and then sell them any cure they deem to be proper.

…and then sell them an overpriced funeral when they die.

But once people believe in a thing, it’s hard to change their minds about what’s true. There have been, and will still be, die-hard fanatics of the idea that the plague is no deadlier than the seasonal flu. Never mind that that kills people too… Just as long as they Believe, they think they’re safe. People have gone to their deaths believing that they’ll pull through.

Faith like that can kill. Faith like that has killed.

As long as it’s all about rights and freedom, and not about the greater good, it will continue to kill.

Science is true, even when it’s not believed in. Science is supposed to be about the facts, not making money.

People are killing themselves by not following the science. They’re not just killing themselves. They’re drowning island nations. They’re filling the oceans with plastic and the air with carbon dioxide.

If it continues, there will be no escape.

And it’s truly sad that the best hope for all of it to end is if the anti-science crew kills themselves first.

If you want to believe in something going around, think first – “Who profits from this?” and maybe dodge around the horseshit for a change.

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