Society’s Problems: Prosperity Doctrine

I have warned you weeks in advance and now the dreaded days have come. I am going to be spending a few weeks going off about various things wrong with society as we know it with very little in the way of how to disassemble it, establish a new system, or where to begin on a better system. This week, it’s the biggest target I can find: Prosperity Doctrine. Excepting perhaps Buddhism, which tries to get you to leave behind worldly needs, it’s present in every faith on this wide Earth. I’m going to get hate for this and I know it. Let’s see if I can nail the illogic on the head.

  1. The deity of choice is good
  2. Therefore the deity of choice will reward good people and punish the bad
  3. Therefore, only good people will prosper and evil ones will rot in poverty and squalor
  4. Therefore… any very rich person must also be very good. Especially for the economy, so give them your money too

Those who have been forced to scrape for a living will recognise the multiple fallacies present in this alone. Especially if you take even a sideways glance at modern billionaires. They don’t know what to do with all their abundant finances, but it sure as shit isn’t giving any of their employees a living wage.

Those of the Xtian bent certainly like this illogic when it works in their favour. And they’re very fast to ignore the bit about the camel passing through an eye of a needle. This is because, more or less, the rich profit off the tribulations of the poor.

Hell, there was even a recent financial article about how businesses are better now that their former employees are dying earlier and they don’t have to fork out as much on pensions. Truly a “let them eat cake” situation if ever there was. Businesses have had “dead peasant insurance” so that if an employee dies, they profit. They fire people if they spend more than the allowed time sick on actually being sick. They’ve rigged the system, at least in the USA, so that if you don’t have a job – you can’t afford medical care.

Even where I am in Australia, if you can’t lay your hands on $2K in an emergency, then you’re actually poor. If you have more than one emergency of more than $2K – then you’re shit out of luck.

Since poor people are evil and implied to be lazy – sloth is one of the seven sins – then everything an administration does to both punish the poor and make them work for their daily gruel is therefore perfectly justified. It didn’t work in the Victorian-era workhouses, and it sure as shit doesn’t work for criminalising poverty now. There’s nothing efficacious about locking someone up and confiscating their things [or killing their pets] just because they’ve already lost their job, home, and car.

Demonising poverty doesn’t help either. I’m fairly sure that a great many of the seven deadly sins have been attributed to the poor. Sloth, as mentioned above. Wrath generally is mumbled about with, “There’s so much domestic violence in [POOR AREA].” Gluttony is in the form of fat shaming, generally wrapped up in Sloth as well. “Those people don’t know good food when they see it,” or, “All they need to do is eat healthy and they wouldn’t have so many problems.”

It’s easy to see a multitude of sins from a high horse.

Vanity – if you give them money, they’ll spend it on stupid showy bullshit
Greed – they should be grateful they’re even getting anything
Lust – the entire narrative surrounding sex workers and sexualised POC
Envy – they just want what we earned without having to work for it

If anything, the one outlier is Pride. It’s seen as a virtue in the Hard-Working Poor. “They’re too proud to take handouts.” Which gives the wealthy sneering down at them an excuse to hand out a gilded star. Thank you for being proud, it says, now we don’t have to give you anything, and you’ll work for anything, which works fine for us.

The biggest trick the devil pulled is not convincing people he doesn’t exist. It’s to get the regular folk to put the actions of demons in the hands of the angels. Or in fiduciary terms, getting the middle class to blame the downtrodden for the actions of the wealthy.

Jeff Bezos earns the money to pay for an entire house and land in the time it takes him to sneeze. He works, perhaps, fifteen minutes of his entire day. Fifteen minutes out of twenty-four hours. But the people who read this are encouraged to blame his warehouse workers living on food stamps for the economic crisis. Because they’re apparently the ones suckling at the government teat and ruining it for “decent people”.

We’re also encouraged to ignore every nation that’s actually worked out the real cure for the problem. Someone’s homeless? Give them a house. Someone’s dirt poor? Give them an income. Someone’s sick? Treat it. Yes, for free.

Every single nation that’s done decent public housing and Universal Basic Income and free medical care has had resounding success. The people are happier, the economy is more robust, and crime is next to zero. Amazing.

The deity does not endorse the actions of the evil-minded who profit from the narrative we have. If they did, the holy writ would have more passages about how to scam people. It’d have significantly less content regarding charity and how to forgive sinners.

But then again, hardly anyone even looks at the book that’s supposed to back up their world view.

Personally, I think they’re afraid of finding something there that they don’t like.

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