Racists Get Evolution Wrong: Darwin Needed Better Editors

Image © Can Stock Photo / PetrolImage

Everything that Racists use to justify their superiority is wrong. We know this. Nothing amongst it is more wrong than the phrase “survival of the fittest.” Those who actually know about the intent behind those words mean that Mr Darwin meant to mean “Survival of those who fit their environment best.” Not “those who are the strongest/best/most violent.”

That sort of thing lead to “might makes right” thinking, which lead to the philosophy of eugenics, which lead to a whole heap of bad bullshit nonsense.

It’s a very Victorian idea, though, that evolution’s ‘progress’ is a continuous climb up the ladder. Well, it isn’t. It’s noodling about with what’s there, and whatever makes it towards making another generation happen is therefore ‘good’. People continue to mis-understand this.

Racists, with philosophies firmly rooted in the 1800’s, tend to believe that people from Africa are “closer to the apes” and somehow impure. The opposite is true. Europeans all have a little bit of Neanderthal in them, so it’s white folks who are the miscegenated ones.

That said, there’s no such thing as ‘sub-human’. There’s just ‘human’. How far back you want to take that is entirely up to you, but the cro-magnons eventually out-bred and out-ate (and perhaps out-fought) all the other hominid species out there. Through definition and ego, those cro-magnons became Homo Sapien Sapiens, for all that we have the forward planning abilities of a concussed whelk.

Think about it. We, as a people, knew that fossil fuel was wrecking the environment since the 1920’s. It’s almost a century later, and the fossil fuel industry is still trying to tell us that alternative energies won’t work and the only way to progress is by continued use of fossil fuel. Despite everything that science is telling us. But I digress.

What also gets me about your average racist is that they think there’s a big conspiracy to grind the “pure” people down in order to raise up the “impure”, somehow. The common cry of “they took our jobs” or, “we are being replaced,” as if brown or Jewish people are like pod people or something. Mate. If you didn’t get the job, it was because someone else was more qualified, more determined, and more willing to work for less.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It is the pinnacle of entitlement to claim something as yours before you’ve earned it.

You’re not being replaced. The person making the decisions decided on the upgrade. That’s it. In their case, someone who is faster, cheaper, and more desperate than your whiny, pasty arse. Someone did the math and decided that you -yes you- were less than someone you personally hold in low regard. Get over it, snowflake.

Isn’t it amazing how these so-called ‘superior’ people just collapse over the slightest little thing?

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