H.A.M. Explained in Detail

So I have a new PLN of attack for my daily regimen. I call it HAM and it stands for Half-hour Action Model. Though it is only a model, it’s impressive how I can rapidly tick progress off on the multitude of projects that have been sitting on my back-burner five-ever.

Well. I use the term ‘progress’ loosely. I’ve learned some things and I’m in the process of learning others and I’m already failing at parts of this or that… it’s still progress, you know? Failing is learning on what not to do.

HAM is a three-step plan of attack based on the fact that I have an hourglass that measures one half-hour passage of time. I got it for like $10 at Target and you could probably find something similar if you don’t want to arse around with apps. It’s all down to what you’re willing to do. HAM is flexible, too. You can use any time interval you like, I just wanted it to spell HAM when I realised that I could.

So here’s how it goes:

  • Start off timer of choice, in my case, a Half-hour
  • Occupy self on one Action [task, chore, whatevs] for that time interval
  • Stop when time ends and pick another action (or take a brief breather) when you repeat the Model

Easy as, right? Even when I allow for distractions like MeMum’s morning emails or nice folks giving me plot kittens on Discord. At least, that’s the PLN I’m working on and it seems to be getting things done.

It also seems to be draining my energy more than a bit. I think I need to schedule in a frisson more farting-about time rather than hopping from project to project like I’ve been doing.

It’s a work in progress. Y’all reading this should “play test” it and see if it works for you and what needs tweaking where. It’s similar to the 20/10 model of unfucking a habitat. Twenty minutes sorting shit out, ten minutes taking a rest, then back at it again.

It is simply amazing what you can get done in small slices.

If your Action is finished for the Half-hour, then the Model allows for one to fart around for the remaining time. The only corollary is that you gotta work on another project when your time is up.

Next week – I shall begin posting the first chapters of my unpublished novels, just to see what you think of them. Plus it acts as a sort of Internet Version of Poor Mans’ Copyright.

That is, unless I’ve found something else to rant about in here first.

See you then.

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