Head Fog

TLDR: I forgot to write this yesterday because my brain is like a sieve.

How it goes:

  1. Do the Instant Story
  2. Write the Words for my novel
  3. Write the prompted TAZ fic over in my Tumblr Blog
  4. Say, “My work is done,” and faff off.


On the plus side, I got into that routine. Yay? My enthusiasm for catching up on Critical Role knows no bounds.

Today, because of Toby Fox releasing Delta Rune, I was super behind on doing the novel. Thank goodness for rage quitting, otherwise absolutely nothing would have been done shy of the Instant for today.

Procrastination is my copilot.

I need to design a T-shirt with that sentence on it. But that would happen way later than now because… well. Just go back and read it again in case you missed it the first time.

The new game looks great by the way. I rage quit at a frustrating point, but it looks fan-firkin-tastic. I do have a lot of questions about stuff already, but I can’t ask them until tomorrow.

I’ll see if I can finish the game before the spoilers start sailing.

There’s psychological rewards for faffing about, as opposed to work. Which is why the T-shirt phrase above. Loads of studies have been done but -yeah- I’d rather be having fun. Wouldn’t you?

Of course you would. Fun is more fun. Doy.

The real trick is making the work a fun part. Let me know if you got any hints and tips on that. I’m still working on it.

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