[X] My Life

[Image sourced from Amazon, but if anyone knows the original creator of this meme, hook me up with their link. Kthxbai]

As far as I’m aware, my hub site is down for the count. At least two testers have got a 502 [bad gateway] error. I do not know what’s going on and Down For Everybody says that it’s (a) up and (b) fine.

In areas where my technological grasp of what’s fucked up fails, I rely on my Best Beloved to unfuck that which has become fucked up. But… Beloved really wants to sleep in on cold winter mornings and if I had the option, I would too.

My options for updating my readers on what passes for my life in the meantime are:

  1. Here
  2. Pillowfort
  3. Tumblr
  4. Steemit
  5. Facebook

And I know I can get money for notes over on Steemit, so that’s looking like my best option. Facebook may have the widest reach in theory, but in practice I have like two people who pay any attention to me there. Same with the four followers I have on Pillowfort. I love you, but I need to get the word distributed.

Plus I already know that Steemit fucking loves about-me type posts.

Normal services will resume as soon as we can figure out what ‘normal’ is.


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